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DAK GREEN ENERGY is creating part of the new green infrastructure network on the M74/A74(M) Glasgow – Carlisle Trunk Road, to address the need to reduce carbon emissions from transport in Scotland. The project aims to generate renewable electricity and produce green hydrogen for consumption by road transport on the M74, which is a key theme in delivering net zero emissions by 2045. Approx 30,000 vehicles per day pass Jct11 , and with 30 miles north to Glasgow and 70 miles south to Carlisle , Jct11 is ideally placed for a hydrogen filling station.

We have a site circa 100 acres adjacent to Junction 11 M74 with safe road access for HGVs.

  • Site is 1km from Happendon Services.
  • Propose to generate 70MW of green electrical generation (Solar PV and Wind Turbines).
  • Job Creation for electricity generation and operation of the hydrogen station.
  • Green hydrogen created on site by renewable energy to the highest purity suitable for hydrogen fuel cells.
  • All site activities to be the highest environmental standards.
  • All process by-products utilised for new and existing markets.
  • Green hydrogen is generated for transport use, with excess for industry feedstock.
  • Site is adjacent to National Grid electricity transmission network.
  • Site is close (5km) to National Grid gas pipeline.

We recognise that there is urgency around the reduction in transport emissions, and we wish to equip the Scottish trunk road network with its first hydrogen fuelling facilities for HGVs immediately.

members of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association


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Junction 11 M74

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